Audio Mastering Hip Hop Music

Audio Mastering Hip Hop Music

Red Mastering Studio, London UK specialise in audio mastering urban music. We eat Hip hop for breakfast:) Below is the playlist created from chosen music of our clients. R’n’b, Hip Hop, Grime, Trip Hop – and everything around it – you’ll find here. 

All video clips contain an original mix before audio mastering, and After the process. Enjoy listening!

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Professional Audio Mastering Tips for Making the #1 Hits of the Year

Audio mastering is known as the last level of post audio production. It is a process of balancing sonic components of an audio file (stereo mix). The bottom line of audio mastering is optimizing the sound for all media formats and systems. A traditional audio mastering is done by using tools like compression, stereo enhancement, equalization, and limiting.

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Top 5 Audio Mastering Tips:

In the below section top 5 mastering tips will take place.

  1. Take an A/B Test: It is always good to compare your song with another song of the similar genre. Let us suppose you are mastering a soft romantic song. So compare the feel of your song with another romantic song. It will help you to understand the quality of your output that you want. In A/B testing your focus should mainly remain on the width of the stereo record, compression level, volume and the importance of bass and vocals etc.
  2. Consider the Delivery or the Output Media of Your Song: Before mixing and mastering services was a practice of making an audio loud, as loud as possible. But things have changed. Now gain is not the only thing that every sound engineer looks for. But in the era of digitalization, people listen to a song on the radio or via software. So, those days are gone when songs are mainly played on CD or DVD player. So the change of delivering media of an audio plays a vital role while mastering a song. An engineer should keep in mind the recent trend of audio delivering media while mastering a song.
  3. There’s is No Shame in Going Back for Mixing Again: Mastering an audio cannot solve all problems to create your song a best hit of the year. There are few problems can appear during mastering a song that only mixing can solve. For example, if you find the vocal of a song is too quiet then it could bother you a lot. So if you have the authority on both mixing and mastering then there’s is no need of fixing a bad mix when you have the chance of re-record it again.
  4. Use the Same Tool for Mastering All Songs of a Playlist: When you are mastering a lot of tracks all at once, especially for a single playlist or album then it is strictly suggested to use the same tools or software for mastering all the audio files. It will ensure the consistency for all your audio songs.
  5. Keep Faith in Your Judgment: This is not a technical audio mastering tip. Although this is the most important thing that every audio mastering engineer should follow while mastering. It is really common to suffer from fader creep while mastering an audio. But the best thing you can do here, keep trust on your ears and believe on your own judgment.


Hope these tips will help you to master your audio better. As a quick solution, you can also hire Online Audio Mastering Service provider for getting professional audio mastering service. So this is all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading the article.