4 Mistakes you Must Avoid while Mixing and Mastering

A large number of musicians in the modern era tend to make some common mistakes while mixing and mastering their recorded tracks. They must realise that the two mentioned procedures are extremely significant and hence not performing them properly would most surely affect your work and that too in the adverse ways.

If you desire your music album to please the listeners and do remarkable business in the commercial market, you need to choose an audio engineer carefully and avoid the slip-ups mentioned below in brief.

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The Don’ts of Mixing and Mastering

  1. Hiring your friend for the process of online mixing and mastering is not at all a viable solution. If he does not have the proper experience and tools, he is most certainly going to destroy your records. It is significant to contact someone professional, who understands the necessary changes that are to be made so that the records sound great when launched in the market.
  2. If you think that you would be able to indulge in the process on your own, you are surely wrong. Just because you have recorded the songs and instruments properly does not mean that you would be able to mix and master it. There are many examples, where an artist has generated disastrous results while mixing and mastering a song on his own. A professional audio engineer is trained in the process. He has the necessary skills, gears, a proper studio to prepare the songs for the market.
  3. Choosing a random engineer would be a blunder. You should conduct a thorough research, in order to detect the capabilities of varied experts out there. An ideal engineer would have certain samples on their site so that you can form an opinion about their work. You could also visit the testimonial section to view the customer reviews. Taking help from a veteran musician is also a good idea. He would be able to offer some valuable advice on hiring a mixing and mastering professional.
  4. Hiring an audio engineer just because he is offering affordable mixing and mastering services would be unwise. Things that come with a low price tag catch our attention readily. However, before making the purchase, we ought to give a thought about the quality of the products. The same rule applies while you look for the services of an audio engineer. You wouldn’t want to comprise the standard of the tracks only to save some money, would you? That would be the perfect example of ‘penny wise, pound foolish.’

So, keep the aforementioned points in mind and try to avoid them while getting your songs mixed and mastered.